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I don’t write a lot. I find it hard. If you find value in it, don’t hesitate to leave me a comment.

Where to Start a Transformation?

So you’ve decided to go ahead with a transformation. How should you go about it? Where should you start? And whom should you start with? Does it matter? I suggest that it does indeed matter, and a lot. For me anyway, one method has worked so much more successfully than the others that in my…

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Maximizing the Contribution of Contractors and Consultants

When an organization lacks a required skill set, contractors or consultants are often hired temporarily. This temporary staff augmentation is generally difficult to pull off successfully due to the imperfect context sharing, potentially divergent incentives, the uneven power distribution of the client-supplier relationship, and cultural impedance mismatch among others factors. Nowhere is the effect of…

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How To Influence Stakeholders Of A Transformation

I think we can all agree that in order to get an organization to internalize the Lean/Agile/Discovery mindset, a lot of stakeholders must be influenced. Moreover, the pesky thing about stakeholders is that they are all different. They believe in different things, adopt different values, have different experiences, and are subject to different pressures. A…

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