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Are Google’s OKRs Compatible With Agile?

This month, I present a collaboration with executive consultant and Agile master coach Mario Moreira.  Recently, someone asked us if we thought that the Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) used at Google and applied at Intel in the 1970s is compatible with the Agile mindset. Take a look at this Rick Klau presentation on “How…

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How To Run Customers Demonstrations

Even with the understanding that customer feedback is critical, organizations are often gun-shy about seeking it on non-production-ready products or services. The concerns they have about exposing the insides of the sausage factory frequently revolve around: appearing to lack confidence, committing ourselves to a long list of customer requirements, leaning on employees with varying communication…

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Confused Managers Need Guidance in Agile Environment

The confusion around the role of the manager in an Agile environment seems to reach its peak just as teams start to exhibit real signs of self-organization. When managers see that they are no longer the driving force behind the work management, some conclude that they are no longer needed at all, and this can…

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