Some of the many books that left an impression on me

Being Agile

  • Highlights the various facets and stakeholders of a transformation
  • Arranges them in a useful roadmap

Getting past ‘no’

  • Practice how to negotiate
  • Learn techniques for creating more value by expanding options

Good to great

  • Superior company performance is a cultural habit
  • Why you should help underperforming people find a new role or new employer without delay

How to measure anything

  • Refine your estimation skills
  • Assess the value of additional information
  • There is no such thing as a completely unquantifiable untangible in business


  • Don’t underestimate the value of a long sequence of tiny competitive edges
  • Very few are just born with it. It’s mostly hard work.

Predictably irrational

  • Scientific evidence that humans aren’t always rational
  • Understand the importance of price on perception of value

Reinventing organizations

  • Provides a useful framework for understanding predominant cultural traits of an organization
  • Helps you craft a message that will resonate with different stakeholders
  • Full of specific practices that reflect the ‘teal’ mindset

Seeing systems

  • One’s role in a traditional organization dictates a significant part of one’s pressures
  • Someone’s behavior is greatly influenced by the environment, so don’t take it personally

The goal

  • Basic Lean principles explained as a story
  • Explores some of the difficulties in change management
  • An easy, entertaining read

The lean startup

  • Which metrics are informative and which are merely comforting
  • Why the Agile mindset applies to everyone in an organization

The principles of product development flow

  • A detailed explanation of what is slowing your product development down
  • Concrete advice for what to measure in your enterprise
  • A serious read

The secrets of consulting

  • How to be mindful of the other person’s perspective and feelings when providing advice
  • How to determine when you should and when you should not provide advice

Training from the back of the room

  • Which techniques are effective in education, per neuroscience
  • Loads of specific practices to enhance your training
  • Seriously, don’t give another training or seminar without reading this book